Follow your heart?


Live from your heart, and let your fears fade.

It is not always easy to follow your heart, since you are the only one who can listen to it. Your family may not understand, and your friends may slowly draw apart. Even your teachers may try to lead you in a different direction. But it is only you who knows what you desire.

Listen to it intelligently, and follow it responsibly, it will surely lead you to your most memorable adventures

Follow your heart

We’ve all had heard this a million times, specially when making difficult decisions, but as always, it’s easier said than done. 

As dancers we are the perfect example of people who follow their hearts. 

Dancing is deeply connected to expressing our feelings and emotions, and as dancers we devote our lives to this athletic art form. 

However, when your passion has to also provide you with an income, a lot of pressure comes to play.

So how do we make sure that we can deal with fears when they creep in? And that we can be performing at our best while having “stress“ at the back of our minds. 

We've all been to practice and our head is somewhere else, worrying about tomorrow, or the next audition, or the next months opportunities. 


What I propose is to make a conscious commitment to why you decided to follow your heart, dreams and passions in the first place, and to put it down in words.

When we follow our emotions, and do things based on feelings, sometimes it can be hard to fully understand what it really all means. But when fears creep in, they have loud voices and eloquent excuses.

So if you are following your heart, give it a voice, put your emotions in words, and write them down. This way you can check back for the deep reason why your are doing what you are doing when doubts knock on the door.

Give your passions a voice and let their music to guide you.

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Credits to @sophiaguilera for her beautiful heart work.❤️

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