Why do you dance?


I asked this question on Instagram the other day. And the amount of answers and openness from the people has been overwhelming.

Over and over again the messages reflected dancing makes you connect with yourself and how freeing it is.

How it is a catalyst and a healer for our worries and problems, and a new language through the which we can express our deepest emotions, a new language that is much more effective than words.

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Here are some of the answers people sent through.

“I dance because I can express myself without talking”
“I dance because is the way to forget all my problems”
“I dance because its in my soul”
“Dancing has given me release and purpose”
“Because I can say what my voice, hides within my body”
“I dance because it sets me free”
“I dance because it allows me to be myself”
“It makes me forget everything around me, I would focus with my emotions, it makes me feel free, it makes me feel like I could do anything I want.


The list is long, and the messages are honest and raw.

I asked this question because dancers often forget why they are doing it. And even myself, I often question, why do I do the things I do? Why do I dance? And it is exactly for the reasons that you guys sent through.

We dance to feel connected, to that inner thing, that cannot be put into words. We dance to free ourselves from our worries, to clear our minds, to let go and be undefined by rules, to almost tap into a different dimension, where the world has no boundaries.

It really is, that dancing frees us, and it connects us, to our deepest emotions and desires.


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Why do we dance?

"Because it sets us free"

This is why I started Neoballet, to change the game, to get back to the chore, and never forget it.

The ballet industry in particular, is highly competitive, where you also need to fit into a very narrow certain mould.

Although technique is important and certain physical attributes help, this is also a bunch of 🙊.

Our physicality for example, should not be the biggest obstacle we face when dancing. I know so many amazing dancers that are insecure, depressed, dissatisfied, that cannot see the great potential they have or even how good they are.

This is a big problem, because the industry starts making us distort the vision we have of ourselves.


What if we could dance as freely as dancing makes us feel?


What if we could learn to connect with our deep selves beyond the industry traditions?.

This is what Neoballet is changing. The way dancing is approached, and generating a fresh change from within the industry, in the dancers mindset. We focus on personal development and training that is although rigorous, direct, inspiring and empowering.

How do go about doing this?

For example, if someone could dance better if they lost weight, it is important to understand why this is.

A simple, “you are fat” or I am fat” doesn’t cut it.

One could argue that if you can actually move and execute technically well, then, some lil junk in the trunk doesn’t really matter. Now, if this is making it harder for you to dance, the lines of your legs could improve, and likely you will get less tired when moving.

Then now, this is a good and objective reason to try to become leaner. That is a change with purpose, and not to just diet mindlessly. It should not come from wanting to just “look” certain way, but instead, from wanting to develop greater abilities.

You can then achieve this through working the right muscle groups that will change the shape of your body for the better. It is really about adopting a healthy lifestyle, in mind and body. And once you get there, your body will transform into a healthier and more efficient version of it.

So back to the topic

Why do you dance? Because it sets you free! 

So then, we must make sure, that in this high pressure industry, we never forget this. Don’t get back into a box, a body box, a look box, a style box, a trend box, a pursuit box. 

Always remember why you are doing it, and stay true to yourself, as much as you can. Kick the box, don't fit in the mould, be unique, and be free. I promise… it will pay off.


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